Care Instructions

First and foremost, use and enjoy!

Crystal-ware and cut glass:
Wash the glass, one piece at a time, using a soft brush as needed. Use only a mild detergent and warm water, rinse in very hot water as this minimises the time for streaks to appear, dry with a soft cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher or use abrasive or acidic soaps. Avoid contact with hard and sharp objects (the tap being a main culprit) to avoid surface scratching and chipping. Carefully does it.

Decanters and vases:
Narrow necks can make it tricky to get down to the bottom to clean, even a bottle-brush is useless. Dissolve an aspirin or denture-cleaning tablet into the bottom of a decanter or vase. Leave overnight and rinse clean for a spotless vase.

To clean decanters of port and brandy stains, swill a handful of uncooked rice grains in an empty decanter.

Avoid excessive tarnish build-up which makes occasional cleaning easier. Use a quality silver polish to prevent tarnishing or to remove stubborn marks. Apply to the area with cotton wool, working in a circular motion until the tarnish or mark has been removed from the surface. Lightly buff with a silver cloth to remove any polish residue to create a high sheen. Excessive polishing can wear down the finish, so do not to over-do it! To keep silver cutlery looking good, use it frequently as this will help to develop the patina.

When handling lampshades, they need to be picked up by the internal frame to avoid damage.

Wood finish:
We find micro-fibre cloth to dust and clean are best. Polish with a light natural beeswax or wood oil every three to six months. Clean wood with a damp non-abrasive cloth and then re-waxed/oil wood. Solvents should not be used. Wood surfaces need to be protected from any liquid, heat or abrasive surfaces. Like most things, wood will be effected by wet or damp conditions. Conversely do not place furniture next to a radiator, as this could cause the wood to warp.

Metal finish:
Metalwork is most often fixed with a light application of wax to hold the finish. To protect we suggest applying a natural wax polish or oil with a soft cloth every three to six months. Most finishes will age naturally through oxidisation and solvents should not be used.